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Jabali Massage In Home Massage Puerto Vallarta

In Home Massage Puerto Vallarta

While you are in Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy the perfect massage service without ever having to leave your home or Airbnb. Our mobile crew responds quickly and can meet you at your desired location.

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How Our In Home Massage Service Works

Intentional. Simple. Service.

Comfortably at Home

From your phone or computer, schedule a date and time that works best for you. 

Massage Table

Have some tea, bath, and prepare your room with relaxing lighting, music, and scent before we arrive. 



Tell us your pressure preferences and the type of massage you would like and we will do the rest.

In Home Massage Services Puerto Vallarta

In Home Massage Service Area In Puerto Vallarta

From Conchas Chinas to Punta Mita we provide in-home massage services in the greater Banderas Bay / Puerto Vallarta Area.

Puerto Vallarta

  • 5 Deciembre

  • Centro

  • Conchas Chinas

  • Hotel Zone

  • Marina Vallarta

  • Pitillal

  • Versalles

  • Zona Romantica


  • Bucerias

  • Mezcales

  • Nuevo Vallarta

  • Punta Mita

In Home Massage Puerto Vallarta

Why Choose an In Home Massage Puerto Vallarta?

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience by choosing our in-home massage services in Puerto Vallarta. Imagine being pampered in the serene comfort of your own space, where the soothing sounds of nature and the gentle ocean breeze complement the skilled hands of our experienced massage therapists.


Our personalized approach ensures that you receive a tailored treatment to address your unique needs, whether it's alleviating stress, easing muscle tension, or promoting overall well-being.


Skip the hassle of travel and the crowded spa scene – with us, you can fully unwind immediately after your massage without any disruptions. Embrace tranquility, convenience, and a touch of luxury as you allow the benefits of a revitalizing massage to linger long after our therapists leave.


Elevate your Puerto Vallarta experience with an in-home massage – your well-deserved escape awaits.

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